Outboard Engine Service

YAMAHA Outboard Engines

Maintenance Matters

We prefer to maintain, service and overhaul our engines long before they break. Hence we have a team of certified mechanics and engineers capable of servicing nearly every engine in use.

We currently use twenty of the very reliable YAMAHA 250hp V6 Four Stroke Offshore outboard engines with variable camshaft timing converted to Gasohol E85 for better performance and eco-friendly emissions.

Yamaha 350We also use the latest 350hp V8 Four Stroke on our flagship, the WHITE GIRL, which gives us the possibility to perform high speed emergency transfers even at nighttime and to far distances.

Beeing in heavy use every day, our engines collect thousands of running hours every season. Our reliability record for engine failures in daily operations is without competition in our area, which makes us the No.1 trusted service partner for outboard engine services in Khao Lak.
We can service nearly every outboard engine, especially YAMAHA models. The most common spare parts needed, we have in stock – everything else we can organise.

Yamaha 250 cutaway