Drone Photo & Video Services in Khao Lak

Drone and UAV (unmanned aerial viehicle) technology is state of the art, when it comes to modern marketing material. But remote operated cameras can do much more than “just” creating your perfect advertisement shots.

DJI Phantom 3 PRO Drone Rental

Similancharter & Tour currently uses the Phantom 3 Professional, which is small and manouverable enough to complete nearly any given task. Plus it deliveres state-of-the-art imagery with its built in 4K camera. Whether or not you hire one of our boats, the drone can be rented separately to complete your mission. Our drone is for rent on a daily basis including pilot.

Marketing Imagery

The demand for drone footage in the Khao Lak area is endless with its beautiful landscape, plenty of tourism industry, lush rainforests and unique eco systems both on land and in the sea. The easy and cheap availability of drone technology makes the use of this tool and its fantastic possibilities mandatory – your competition is using it, so why shouldn’t you?!

perfect for:

• Hotels & Resorts • Boat Operators • Tour Companies •


Nature & Research

birdseye-exampleThe accessibility of modern drone technology is a major advantage for field researchers with limited time on location.

  • Topography Assessment
  • Wildlife Spotting
  • Habitat Research

Visual Inspection

Visual InspectionA camera drone is the perfect tool for visual inspection of hard to access objects and infrastructure for example:

  • Mobile Phone Masts
  • Electric Masts & Wiring
  • Water Towers
  • Roofs


Rental Service

  • half day or full day rates possible
  • includes pilot
  • photos: 12 Megapixel RAW
  • video: 4K (cinema quality)
  • delivery of images on day of rental

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