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Welcome to Similancharter&Tour Company Limited

Tourism Operations

Snorkelling and Island Daytrips

Island trips for snorkelling and SCUBA diving, Overnight in Paradise and at Prathong Oasis Nature Resort

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Business Services

B2B Services

Business Charters, Marine Logistics for Media- & Science, Emergency High Speed Evacuations - Let the experts take care of it..

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YAMAHA engine

Outboard Engine Servicing

Our engineers and mechanics service, overhaul and repair your YAMAHA outboard engines in no time

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Similancharter&Tour are your marine experts with over 30 years operating experience at the Andaman Sea.

Tourism Operations

Island Tours
Island Tours


Read moreWe apply highest quality and saftey standards at our snorkeling and diving tours. We are also developing new and exclusive destinations for the ever growing demand of tours “away from the crowds”.

Nature Beach Resort
Prathong Oasis

Prathong Oasis

Read moreOur new nature resort on the hardly visited Prathong island welcomes nature and beach lovers looking for unspoilt places in Thailand.

Private Boat Charters
Private Charter

Explore On Your Own Schedule

Read moreWhether you are planning a day out with your family or an excursion for a bigger group, we have the right options for you.

Business Services

Boat Charters & Marine Logistics

Travel Agents, Media & Science

Read moreWe can help with almost any business purpose on our part of the ocean.

Emergency Rescue

High Speed Evacuations

We offer a 24hr emergency rescue and evacuation hotline – our speedboats are on constant standby for any distress calls.

Engine & Boat Servicing

YAMAHA Engine Service

Read moreWe service, overhaul and repair your YAMAHA engine or your entire boat if needed.


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